What is my massage like?

Maria Gail MassageMy massage is firm and focused. My hands are gentle and soothing, but I also find the knots.

I believe massage should not be painful, and with your feedback I adjust my pressure to your comfort level.  Massaging problem areas can “hurt so good” and I believe that when done with care and accuracy, massage does not require crippling pressure to feel deep and effective.

I work with my hands (no elbows or knobbers) and a few hot smooth stones which impart heat directly to trouble spots.  The direct heat increases circulation and soothes and relaxes your muscles, preparing them for deeper work.

I hope and believe that I am approachable, levelheaded and responsible.  I want you to feel confident that you are in good hands, comfortable about speaking up, and comfortable enough to relax.

Your feedback helps us both.
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