Maria Gail, Massage Therapist


Maria Gail, Massage Therapist

About Maria Gail
Licensed for the last decade...

I graduated from the Downeast School of Massage in Waldoboro, Maine in 1992.  There I learned to give a lovely relaxation massage, and probably failed a number of clients who came to me to me hoping to address physical problems with massage. 

Thankfully, my work has evolved.  Through continuing education and 18 years of experience my hands learned to listen, enabling me to adjust pressure and target problem areas.  Now while I massage, I am constantly assessing and gathering information through my hands.  Each massage is different and fascinating, and I love my work.

What is my massage like?

My massage is firm and focused.  I am gentle and soothing, but I also find the knots. 

I believe massage should not be painful, and with your feedback I adjust my pressure to your comfort level.  Massaging trigger points can “hurt so good” and I believe that when done with care and accuracy, massage does not require crippling pressure to feel deep and effective.

I work with my hands (no elbows or knobbers) and a few hot smooth stones to impart heat directly to trouble spots.  The direct heat increases circulation and soothes and relaxes your muscles, preparing them for deeper work.  (I put the stones away during the summer months.)

I hope and believe that I am approachable, levelheaded and responsible.  I want you to feel confident that you are in good hands, comfortable about speaking up, and comfortable enough to relax.  Your feedback helps us both.

Call for your appointment at 338-4628.

Why massage therapy?
It's good for you...

Muscular/ nervous system: Massage relaxes muscles, releases knots and trigger points, and improves range of motion. Sensory nerve receptors in the skin and muscles are stimulated, bringing new body awareness to areas that have felt blocked by chronic tension.

Circulation/ metabolism: The massage therapist's hands stimulate circulation down to the cellular level. Massage promotes the removal of metabolic waste resulting from exercise or inactivity and allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the cells. It lowers heart rate and blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow. 

Hormonal: Massage increases the body's serotonin and natural endorphins, enhancing medical treatment and generating feelings of well-being

Mental/ emotional: Massage has mental and emotional benefits as well. Massage fosters a calmer mind, improved mood and greater ability to monitor stress signals and respond appropriately. Receiving human touch in a safe and caring environment nurtures feelings of well-being, enhances self-image and increases awareness of the mind-body connection.


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