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Bowen After-Care


Drink extra water today.  Flush your system! 

Go for a walk.  Go for several walks!  Move your lymph!

Dr. Joanne Whitaker observed blood under the microscope before and after Bowen treatments.  Her studies showed normal blood cells pre-treatment but observed viral bodies, bacteria, spirochetes and crystals in addition to the blood cells 20 minutes post-treatment.  Adequate water and movement encourage lymph drainage, helping to eliminate toxins.

Get up from sitting positions every 30 minutes and move around.  Place both feet on the ground and rise with your weight distributed evenly.  Movement helps your body discontinue old patterns and process the new changes offered by Bowen.

If you have a long ride home, stop often, walk around the car, then get in and drive again.  If you have to sit at a desk job, set a timer so you won’t sit longer than 30 minutes. 


Drink plenty of water.

Avoid extreme hot or cold.  Warm baths OK, but wait on the hot tub, sauna, ice pack, and heating pad, until you’ve finished your Bowen series.

Do any exercises you have been given.

For Bowen to be effective, skip other bodywork such as massage, acupuncture and spinal manipulations until at least five days after your Bowen series is completed.

If these guidelines seem unimportant and you’re tempted to let them slide because, after all, how could such inconsequential things make any difference? just remember that those little Bowen movements seem pretty inconsequential, too.

Remember, most of the work occurs after the Bowen session, not during it.

Bowen work builds on previous sessions.  Schedule your next appointment not less than 5 days and not more than 10 days out. 
A week is optimum

Call me with feedback or questions.  Responses following Bowen sessions vary and occasionally include temporary stiffness, soreness or headache.  These will pass and are good signs that your body is listening and adjusting.  But relapse after a condition had appeared to be resolved may signal re-injury and the need for an immediate follow-up appointment.

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